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Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments

Find out more about «Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments». (swiss banking association pdf brochure)

Ombudsman service

In January 2020, the new Financial Services Act (FinSA) came into force. One of the critical issues addressed in FinSA is consumer protection and the option of a financial service ombudsman's office. The ombudsman's office serves as an independent body to assist clients and financial services firms to find resolutions to disputes through arbitration if the parties cannot resolve the dispute privately. Novalis Finance is always putting customers in the center. If you are not satisfied with the provision of our services, you may bring this issue to the attention of your relationship manager at Novalis Finance. You are always welcome to raise your complaint to Novalis Finance's management. In the unfortunate event, we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you can contact the Ombudsman's Office at any time. The Ombudsman's Office to which NOVALIS Finance S.A. belongs is OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland. Information on any administrative costs connected with mediation procedures is on the ombudsman's office website.

Name: OFS Ombud Finance Switzerland

Address: 10, rue du Conseil-Général, 1205 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 808 04 51 | Email:


Details of supervisory authority

NOVALISfinance is regulated in Switzerland, licensed by FINMA and monitored by AOOS - Société Anonyme Suisse de surveillance, a supervisory organization. .

Name: AOOS - Société anonyme suisse de surveillance

Address: 30, rue Rousseau, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Phone: +41 22 343 40 00| Email:


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